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  • Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal
  • Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal
  • Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal

Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal


The Galvanized expanded Metal Sheet is used as material of galvanized expanded metal, which has been made by punching and stretching. The ordinary low carbon steel plate is coated with a layer of metal zinc to prevent its surface from corrosion and extend service life. So, it has higher corrosion resistance than expanded metal sheet without surface treatment.


Material: galvanized sheet, low carbon steel sheet.

Hole type: diamond hole, hexagonal hole, scale hole

Main Features: corrosion resistant, durable service, highly beneficial, cost saving and low maintenance. 

Galvanized sheet metal is a very common structural material used in construction, bridges, electrical towers, signs, automotive industry, air conditioning systems, architectural applications, high strength cables , protective guards, screening and many other uses. Galvanized metal is a great choice when low cost and relatively high strength are required.

Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal characteristics

SWD - short way of diamond hole, also TL

LWD - long way of diamond hole, also TB

Bond - where two stands intersect

Strand width-length of the metal used to produce one strand

Sheet / strand thickness- gauge thickness

Width: Dimensions parallel to the direction of LWD

Length -Dimensions parallel to the direction of SWD

As is shown : B is the width of mesh, L is the length of mesh.

Galvanized Plate Expanded Metal

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