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What are the Differences Between Raised Type and Flattened Type?

Jan. 23, 2019

Expanded Metal Sheet comes in two common types: raised and flattened. What are the differences between them? Jingsi explains it for you as below,

Raised expanded metal is also referred to as standard expanded metal or regular expanded metal. It is simultaneously die cut and stretched on an expanded metal press. The bonds and strands are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the expanded sheet, giving the product added rigidity and strength while maintaining skid resistance and maximum air circulation. The expanded metal openings have a slightly raised surface.

Flattened expanded metal is also referred to as smooth expanded metal. It is raised expanded metal that has been passed through cold rolled, this rolling process reduces the thickness of the sheet, stretches the pattern of the sheet, and provides a smooth flat finish.

Anping County Jingsi Hardware Mesh Co.,Ltd. supplies expanded metal sheets in both raised and flattened patterns.

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