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Decorative Chain Metal Curtain Mesh News

Jan. 23, 2019

The metal curtain is a new type of architectural decoration material developed by our company, which is widely used in the interior partition, sun shade screen, building facade, ceiling, wall, curtain, balcony and corridor of buildings.

Specifically, it is an increasingly popular and functional decorative screen or room divider for residential area or commercial places. 

The metal curtain includes  window curtain, copper curtain, hanging curtain, spiral metal mesh curtain, decorative metal mesh curtain, curtain wall metal mesh curtain, ceiling curtain.

The first finished product can be the original color of the metal, but also can be sprayed into bronze, brass, copper fuchsia and other colors, the height can be arbitrary.

Its characteristic has not been restricted by dimensional size, color optional, installation is simple; unique and elegant appearance, special individual character, noble grade, and adornment effect is vivid.

Therefore, it directly creates the unique artistic style of different modern metal decoration, and imagines infinite space under the refraction of light.

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