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  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal

Round Hole Perforated Metal


The round hole perforated metal is the most common kind of perforated metal. Many the big and small round holes are punched on the different material, means round hole perforated metal, which is the most common type and the most popular.

Jingsi has round hole perforated metal sheets in many materials including galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, brass and more, in a wide array of gauges and sheet sizes to suit all of your decorative and functional needs. We can manufacture perforated metal in 60° staggered rows , 45° staggered rows, straight rows, and other custom patterns.

Round Hole Perforated Metal Round Hole Perforated Metal Round Hole Perforated Metal


Square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle hole, slotted hole ,the plum blossom, scales, a pentagram, irregular, etc.

Round Hole Perforated Metal characteristics

Smooth surface, anti-aging, resistant to bend, resistant to corrosion and high temperature, good sound-absorbing,durable and widely used.

Round hole mesh usually used for making sound box of electrical products, protective cover and ventilation cover of small equipment, original noise reduction system, filter of filter element, cover and furniture, shielding partition,designing and decoration of exhibition stand.

Round Hole Perforated Metal application
CodeHole size(diameter)Hole centerHole typeOpen areaCodeHole size(diameter)Hole centerHole typeOpen area
RHPS-10.02"0.043"45°   staggered0.2RHPS-215/32"3/16"60°   staggered0.63
RHPS-20.023"0.042"Straight0.22RHPS-225/32"1/4"60°   staggered0.34
RHPS-30.027"0.05"Straight0.23RHPS-233/16"7/32"60° staggered0.67
RHPS-41/32"1/6"45°   staggered0.23RHPS-243/16"1/4"60°   staggered0.5
RHPS-50.033"0.055"Straight0.28RHPS-253/16"5/16"60°   staggered0.32
RHPS-60.045"0.066"Straight0.36RHPS-263/16"3/8"60°   staggered0.23
RHPS-70.045"5/64"45°   staggered0.32RHPS-273/16"1/2"Straight0.1
RHPS-80.05"0.083"Straight0.29RHPS-281/4"5/16"60°   staggered0.58
RHPS-93/64"3/32"60°   staggered0.23RHPS-291/4"3/8"60°   staggered0.42
RHPS-101/16"3/32"60°   staggered0.41RHPS-301/4"3/8"Straight0.34
RHPS-111/16"7/64"60°   staggered0.27RHPS-311/4"1/2"60°   staggered0.23
RHPS-121/161/8"60°   staggered0.23RHPS-321/4"1/2"Straight0.2
RHPS-135/64"1/8"60°   staggered0.36RHPS-335/16"7/16"60°   staggered0.46
RHPS-143/32"5/32"60°   staggered0.33RHPS-343/8"1/2"60°   staggered0.52
RHPS-153/32"3/16"60°   staggered0.23RHPS-353/4"9/16"60°   staggered0.4
RHPS-160.117"5/32"60°   staggered0.51RHPS-363/4"1"60°   staggered0.51
RHPS-171/8"3/16"60°   staggered0.4RHPS-371/2"11/16"60°   staggered0.49
RHPS-181/8"7/32"60°   staggered0.3RHPS-385/8"7/8"60°   staggered0.46
RHPS-191/8"1/4"60°   staggered0.23RHPS-391"1-3/8"60°   staggered0.48
RHPS-209/64"3/16"60°   staggered0.51

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