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  • Alunminum Expanded Metal Curtain Wall Panel
  • Alunminum Expanded Metal Curtain Wall Panel

Alunminum Expanded Metal Curtain Wall Panel


Decorative expanded metal can be classified into indoor ceiling aluminum decorative mesh and outdoor curtain wall mesh, which is made of high quality raw materials are stretched by the large-scale precise expanded wire mesh machine.


When the aluminum expanded metal is used as curtain wall decoration, we choose the specification with bigger holes, wider stem width. This kind of specification looks more three-dimensional, better decorative effect.

Alunminum Expanded Metal Curtain Wall Panel characteristics

Decorative expanded metal creates different shaped holes by slitting and stretching and has various colors by surface treatments, which makes it has an aesthetic appeal.

1.curtain wall aluminum metal is well - suited for a variety of out-of-doors (such as office buildings, government agency, stadiums, airports, railway stations). Look from the visual effect, the surface of curtain wall is bright, beautiful, smooth, unique shape, which can give people the enjoyment of the spirit.

2.Decorative Aluminum metal mainly applies to all kinds of indoor use.

(such as Interior wall, railings of stairs,  partitions, workshop, hotel, waiting area, platform, large conference room). The anti-dazzle stems have some features of light transmission. sound-absorbing, beautiful surface, etc.

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