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  • Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


The stainless steel dutch mesh is also called dense mesh, which is known as the " holland cloth" in the south of the Yangtze river or in foreign countries.It is made of high quality stainless steel wire.


Material: SUS302, 304,304 L, 316 316L, etc

Performance.acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, strong tensile and wear resistance, stable filtration property, high precision, high precision and special filtration performance.

Weaving: plain weave stainless steel dense mesh (plain-dense), twill woven stainless steel dense mesh (twill-dense), bamboo weaving dense net, stainless steel dense contrast woven net (also known as contrast dutch mesh conveyor belt)

Uses: The products are mainly used for gas, liquid filtration and other media separation.

Weaving Method

Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh The plain dutch weave wire mesh is similar to plain weave but with a greater diameter warp wire. The weft wires are driven up close to each other.so the opening is tapers or wedge-shaped instead of square.This type wire mesh is woven tightly together and produce a strong wire cloth while allowing a good flow rate.

Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire MeshTwill dutch weave wire mesh has a double layer of weave wire in twill pattern.And it is mainly made from the best stainless steel material.So this twill dutch weave is used for critical production applications which are often under high pressure.Besides, the wire mesh has smooth surface.

Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh characteristics
Plain weaving dutch wire mesh
Filter mesh numberMesh number(warp x weft)Diameter(warp x weft)Aperture(um)Weight(kg/㎡) 
32#8 x 620.63mm x 0.45mm3005.42
40#10 x 790.50mm x 0.355mm2503.16
48#12 x 640.58mm x 0.40mm2802.9
55#14 x 880.40mm x 0.30mm1802.54
76#19 x 1400.315mm x 0.20mm1401.88
80#20 x 3000.35mm x 0.20mm-3.6
95#24 x 1100.355mm x 0.25mm1202.45
100#25 x 1400.28mm x 0.20mm1001.95
120#30 x 1500.25mm x 0.18mm801.68
140#35 x 1750.224mm x 0.16mm711.52
160#40 x 2000.20mm x 0.14mm601.40
180#45 x 2500.16mm x 0.112mm561.09
200#50 x 2500.14mm x 0.11mm531.04
220#55.5 x 2800.14mm x 0.10mm500.92
240#65 x 3300.11mm x 0.08mm360.71
280#(1)70 x 3500.11mm x 0.08mm350.72
280#(2)70 x 3850.11mm x 0.07mm320.75
300#78 x 7000.11mm x 0.08mm301.39
315#(1)80 x 4000.10mm x 0.065mm400.62
315#(2)80 x 6000.10mm x 0.06mm--
315#(3)80 x 8000.15mm x 0.04mm--
320#81 x 7800.10mm x 0.07mm301.22
354#90 x 5500.12mm x 0.05--
Breadth: 1-1.6m

Twill weaving dutch wire mesh
Filter mesh numberMesh number(warp x weft)Diameter(warp x weft)Aperture(um)Weight(kg/㎡)
360#91 x 7870.10mm x 0.07251.24
400#101 x 9000.10mm x 0.063201.22
472#120 x 4000.10mm x 0.075--
500#127 x 11000.07mm x 0.05170.81
630#160 x 15000.063mm x 0.04150.62
650#(1)165 x 4000.071mm x 0.06--
650#(2)165 x 6000.071mm x 0.05--
650#(3)165 x 8000.071mm x 0.0525-
650#(4)165 x 11000.071mm x 0.045--
650#(5)165 x 14000.071mm x 0.04160.76
685#174 x 17000.063mm x 0.032130.61
787#(1)200 x 6000.071mm x 0.06--
787#(2)200 x 8000.071mm x 0.06--
787#(3)200 x 14000.071mm x 0.04120.8
795#202 x 17600.05mm x 0.032100.6
850#216 x 18600.045mm x 0.0309-
1000#254 x 20000.04mm x 0.02880.5
1125#285 x 22350.036mm x 0.0257-
1228#312 x 21000.035mm x 0.025--
1250#318 x 22350.036mm x 0.025--
1280#325 x 23000.035mm x 0.02550.45
1575#400 x 31000.035mm x 0.0193-
Breadth: 1-1.6m

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